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Machine-building, metal working

Own material and technical base and highly qualified personnel of the "Poltavamash" plant ensure a complete production cycle: from preparing parts to manufacturing industrial equipment.

The plant has the ability to perform the following works:

 1. Mechanical treatment:

galochkadiameter of 1000 mm and 3000 mm on lathes
galochka diameter of 1800 mm and 1000 mm-revolving machine tools
galochkatype of gearbox housing dimensions 1200 x 1200 x 700 on horizontal boring machines

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2. Cold pressing force of 1000 kN cutting for cutting sheet steel by CNC and vertical - CNC milling machines crank shears thickness up to 12 mm. and plasma cutting thickness up to 20.0 mm and gas cutting thickness of 60 mm and 120 mm probyvkoy. edge of the letter

3. Bending of sheet products with thickness up to 10 mm bending presses a thousand efforts kN.

4. Produce castings of gray iron SCH15, SCH30 marks (in the ground molding) in weight from 5.0 kg to 120 kg., As well as casting steel casting marks St25L-St45L, 20h13L steel weighing up to 80kg. We can manufacture aluminum casting for pressure die casting machine mod. 71108.

5. Produce plastic for thermoplastic injection volume of 125 cm3,250 cm3, 1000 cm 3 mm. x 2000 mm. x 2000 mm.

6. Produce welded structures from sheet and long products up to 5000 mm x 2000 mm x 2000 mm using the USPS-12 set and assembly and assembly work.

7. Cutting of long products in strichkopylkovyh and Abrasive cutting machines.

8. Valtsovku shells for vessels working under pressure up to 12mm thick. and length

9. machining of complex products for 4 and 5-coordinate you coordinate

10. The company is an instrumental piece of land with the possibility of up to 2000 mm. milling machining center company "okume" boring and EDM machine (dimensions 150 * 200 mm).

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Specialists of "Poltavamash" provide high-quality services for metal processing both for large concerns, large-scale enterprises, and for small entrepreneurs and individuals. The calculation of the cost of work depends directly on their complexity, scope and timing of implementation.



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